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Connie's experience with UltraCell after a fall

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From Gloria - joint hyper mobility testimonial

"I'm sending my chiropractor your way!  You know I've tried everything out there and I saw him today for a general adjustment after not coming in for three weeks and he is so excited about my testimonials !  He wants to talk to you about trying out UltraCell full spectrum hemp CBD oil for himself as a naturopath.  I will also need to get another bottle very soon!"

From Barbara

"This person walked into my office yesterday in severe pain.  He was miserable and had lost 20lbs in the last two weeks because he can't swallow from severe esophagitis .  He was desparate."

After taking UltraCell, his response ..." I did 1ML when I left and one last night and swear to you I am 90% better (and this is just the first day).  I ate dinner last night and had plenty to drink!  I am BEYOND amazed!!!!!!!!!! Unreal!!"